Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I finally saw 119lbs on the scale this morning. After laxatives. So I don't trust that it is going to last. I'm going to have liquids only today to help. I've also lowered my calorie goal to 1000 but with liquids only I doubt I'll get that high.

I have an appointment with community mental health today. I really really really don't want to go. And I get to be dropped off oh 3 hours early because the buses still aren't running and my Dad has a meeting during the time I have to be there for (and a cab there would cost a good $60). He's going to drop me off at the mall, and I'll walk down at 230.

My lips are very very chapped. From a combination of being sick, and the ED (I know I'm nutritionally lacking) so I've been trying to keep them moisturized, and to stop picking them (so hard). I think I'm getting a bit of improvement.


  1. YAY for 119. I'm sure with just liquids, you prolly won't gain. Make it stick. Make 120 a number you never will see again! YES we can! :) Xo

  2. 119 will stay if you work at it :) Just keep motivated! And i know what you mean about not wanting to go to the app, but i always think, the sooner i go, the sooner it'll be over! Maybe treat yourself to something nice after going?? Thats what i do :) xx

  3. That's great :)
    119 is my goal weight, I'm so jealous lol.
    I believe you can absoloutely keep it there, especially on liquids.
    Alice xx