Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Knew it wouldn't last

I was up two pounds this morning. I'm trying to disregard the weigh in because I had a lot of fluids yesterday and salt. Also I had a drink of water this morning before weighing in.

I got my Kitty! I was terrified I wouldn't because I saw she was featured in the paper yesterday as well. OMG that caused  me to break down into tears. So far she's doing good. My Dad's huge cats terrify her, though they are big brutes they are only trying to look at her, but she is still scared. My Molly (also huge) mostly ignores her and is going about her business, which is better than I thought, typically she hides for a good week if she is around a new cat. My BF, Dad, and I all see her being herself as a good thing. I got the Kitten to come upstairs this morning (shes been hiding out in the basement bedrooms) but Jack started walking towards her and she ran back down. Oh well, all she needs is time. And before anyone asks, nope I have not named her yet. I was thinking of keeping the name she came with but the BF really doesn't like that name, so now I can't figure out a name that suits her. I'm thinking of a Harry Potter name because that is where Molly's name comes from (NERD).

I think I'll go for a walk today. I feel up to it. May do that around lunch time, especially since my Dad isn't coming home for lunch today. I need to start exerciseing, but as soon as I start thinking about doing anything my body screams NOOOOO. FU body, I'll do what I like.


  1. Sorry about the gain. It's like a crappy roller coaster ride you can't get off of. Keep trying.

  2. Thanks for the comment. It just sucks cause even my hubby said it didnt seem like he was trying to help me he was just trying to win the conversation/argument..(which is ahrd to do with me)
    sorry for your gain I'm sure its just water weight.

  3. Name the cat Crookshanks- you know you want too! Haha, that's so great about the kitty! Getting a new pet is always exciting and I hope she warms up to you quickly and starts playing and getting into all sorts of kitty cuteness!

  4. Getting a new pet is always a good mood booster :) I would name her nirvana, just for my love of the band :P xx