Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is it now, four days?

Stuck at 120lbs. GRAH. So fucking annoying. I even ate more yesterday in the hopes that it might help. And today I'm having drinks with my friend so I have to work out what I will be having in anticipation of that. I'm only going to have one drink, so that should help. But fuck this is getting really fucking annoying. I'm trying very hard not to binge because of it. I started to yesterday but for some reason my boyfriend put on a TV show about exterminating rats/mice/roaches and OMG if that did not stop me faster than anything else before. I was disgusted all day.

This week I'm going to be doing some housework around my Dad's house, ie painting the bathroom, taking down wall paper and painting the living room, probably including the ceilings of the living room and kitchen, and probably my bedroom here as well. And take out some dead plants from the garden, and go through boxes of my shit that is still here. That should count towards some exercise/extra calories burnt.


  1. That would put me off food too! Don't worry, your just at a plateau, it'll pass :) Re-decorating will soon burn off the calories! Manual labour is good for that :) xx

  2. It will definitely pass, and four days isn't that long really. Don't worry :)
    Alice xx

  3. ohmygosh eww hate hate roaches. a lot of us r hitting plateaus lately. i think u might have to schedule day for intake of abt 2000 cals and then burn it all off on the day or the next day. I know it sounds scary but it shud up ur metabolism enough to get u out of the plateau. however this is not a binge, try and space the cals out throughout the day & still healthy food. or just keep doing what ur doing, im sure it will have to move eventually! Stay strong<3