Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life sucks

I had a horrid day yesterday. Don't know why but I was a complete cunt to everyone. I upset my boyfriend and my Dad, I yelled at both of them for literally no reason. I even threw things. And I couldn't tell you why or what was wrong. I still can't.

I'm back down to 122lbs, which isn't where I was before I started binging, but better than restricting and GAINING weight, I fucking hate that.

On a side note: I know I haven't been following all my new followers, which I would like to correct. If I'm not following you just comment and I will! Promise. A lot of the people I used to talk to on here seem to have left and I would love to get to know new people (and not so new people!).


  1. I have been doing the same. Biting peoples heads off continually. I've come to believe I'm better off when I'm on my own. <3

    1. I get horridly depressed and lonely on my own. It's like a doubled edged sword.

  2. Sorry your day went so badly :(
    I hate when I get into weird, explainable moods like that too. Hopefully today will go better for you!

    Also I'm a new follower! good to meet you (: <3

  3. i think i can sort of underdstand. i am staying with my elderly mother for an undterminly lenght of time and thought i love her dearly, i have come to rely on vodka, at night , to get me throught...awful right??????

    i am also severely depressed,but that goes by the wayside, i have too much to do.....

    i am so sorry to be a downer, when you have so much on your "plate"
    i hope somehow you are doing soooo deserve it, my lovely!

  4. I mainly bite my own head off but offten take it out on my husband which i then regret and feel awful for doing

  5. We all get anger days :( So i totally understand where your coming from! We just have to let off steam sometimes, even though the people we let off steam to, don't deserve it :( I end up punching walls and shit :( xx