Sunday, February 26, 2012


I decided to have a :fuck it day. Ate what I wanted, almost puked at dinner time because I was so full. I feel terribly guilty about it all, but seriously 5 days at the same weight just is doing my head in. I would rather have had a gain to be mad at than maintain for another day. I'll eat those words tomorrow I'm sure.

I'm thinking of moving back into my apartment within the next week or two. I'm still mulling it over in my mind and haven't talked it over with anyone else yet. I think I'll bring it up sometime this week. I also am probably adopting a cat this week. I fell in love with this cat a few weeks ago and today when we went to look at cats she was still there. I had an OMG moment. She is very sweet, and a bit of a Diva like my cat is, only 9 months old, and while she has a heart murmur but is doing fine. I think I'll tell my Dad yes, I would like to go put the paperwork in. The boyfriend liked her too. We've been talking about a second cat for a year now, so it's not like we are rushing into anything.


  1. Hey, it doesn't matter, when you go back to eating normally you will probably see a loss. It will probably break your plateau :)
    I wish I could have a cat..
    Alice xx

    1. it's true... that always helps me after a plateau, it's like it kick starts your metabolism again.

  2. Aww the kitten sounds adorable. =] and dont feel guilty about the care free chow down. We all have those daya every now and then. <3

  3. Kittens are amazing when you feel depressed, just a cuddle with any animal makes you feel a little better :)xx